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Project on biomarkers in prostate cancer

The Urological Cancers group at the Translational Medicine department of Lund University (Malmö) is looking for a MSc or BSc student to work on a project studying biomarkers in prostate cancer.

The project will involve the study of various proteins in human prostate tissue. The methods involve immunohistochemistry, immunofluorescence, multiplex immunochemistry, tissue microarrays, microscopy and digital image analysis. Our lab is particularly interested in the expression and function of pSTAT3  in prostate cancer. We work on biomarkers, in vivo and in vitro models of prostate cancer, and are also associated with the clinic and clinical research projects. 

Suitable for BSc or MSc project, ranging from 15-60 credits

Requirements: biology / biomedicine / biotechnology / medicine background and an interest in cancer research.

For more information, please contact associate researcher Agnieszka Krzyzanowska (

The Urological cancers division research portal:

February 5, 2020

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